情報経営イノベーション専門職大学(東京都墨田区、学長 中村伊知哉。以下、iU)は、学校法人東京女子学園(東京都港区、理事長 高津稲穂)と高大連携協定を締結し、2020年9月2日(水)高大連携協定式を行いました。

左から、東京女子学園中学校高等学校 河添 健 校長、学校法人東京女子学園 高津 稲穂 理事長、学校法人電子学園 多 忠貴 理事長、iU 中村 伊知哉 学長

■学校法人東京女子学園 東京女子学園高等学校
東京女子学園では、教育理念「人の中なる人となれ」のもと、これからの時代にふさわしい能力と見識を持つ女性(ひと)を育成し、2023年に創立120周年を迎え、新たな目標として、世界の社会的課題解決に取り組む女性(ひと)の育成を目指します。DSDA(Data Science, Design Arts)を軸に、中高一貫とした6年間のデータサイエンス教育カリキュラムを策定します。とくに高校では国際教養コースと未来創造コースを交差させ、文理融合の教育を行います。


■学校法人東京女子学園 河添 健校長 メッセージ
本校は海外研修を40年前から始めるなど、伝統的に英語教育を中心としたグローバル人材の育成に力を入れてきました。社会の変遷とともに、新たな未来の女子力、日本を変える女子力を考える必要があり、2021年度よりData Science, Design & Arts (DSDA)を中高一貫教育のカリキュラムに取り入れることとしました。データサイエンス教育を中心に文理が融合した問題解決力を養うプログラムです。この新たな知性と教養を身に着けた生徒が、情報経営イノベーション専門職大学における実践知に触れることにより、日本の社会を変え、世界を先導する力となることを大いに期待しています。

iU establishes an agreement with Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School focusing on entrepreneurship and data science education

President Ichiya Nakamura of the Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation (iU) Sumida-ku, Tokyo, has signed a cooperation agreement with President Inaho Takatsu of Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School, Minato-ku, Tokyo. The signing ceremony was inaugurated on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

Students at Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School will participate in iU classes and lectures online. Through mutual dispatch of teachers and co-sponsorship of online workshops, both organizations will promote and produce human capital who will think, lead, and change the world with a broad global perspective.

About Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School
Under the educational philosophy that "the individual is the center of our society," Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School cultivate women who have forward-thinking ability and insight for the coming era. With the celebration of its 120th anniversary in 2023, the school is aiming at a new goal to nurture women who can work on solving global social issues. The school will formulate a 6-year data science education curriculum that is consistently aiming high; with a focus on DSDA (Data Science, Design & Arts) to formulate a 6-year data science education curriculum in junior high and high school education. In high school, international liberal arts courses and future creation courses are intersected to provide a fusion of humanities and science.

Main activities
iU conducts education to foster "human resources who create new products and services and utilize ICT to solve various problems from a global perspective." Co-programs will deliver projects in order to solve social problems around the world, by:
 1. Conducting classes through mutual dispatching of teachers
 2. Allowing Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School students to participate in online iU classes and lectures
 3. Co-organization of online workshops
 4. Study support to the faculty staff of Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

Message from Mr. Takeshi Kawazoe, Principal of Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Junior and Senior High School
“Our school has traditionally focused on developing global human capital centered on English language education, starting with overseas homestay program 40 years ago. With the transition of society, it is necessary to consider the new power of women in the future. The new power of women to change Japan. From April 2021, we decided to incorporate Data Science, Design & Arts (DSDA) into the curriculum to be integrated into high school education. This is a program that cultivates problem-solving skills that combine humanities and science with a focus on data science education. I hope that students with this new intellect and education will become a force that will change Japan's society and lead the world with practical knowledge, training, and education delivered by iU.”



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