産業界のパイオニアと学生をつなぐ バーチャル研究室「iU mobile」を開講

iU 情報経営イノベーション専門職大学(東京都墨田区、学長 中村伊知哉、以下「iU」)が客員教員と学生を繋ぐツールとして、キャスタリア株式会社(本店:長野県塩尻市、本社所在地:東京都港区、以下「キャスタリア」)が開発・運用するモバイルラーニングプラットフォーム「Goocus」を活用した、客員教員から学生へオンライン上での学びを提供するバーチャル研究室「iU mobile」を開講しました。

■バーチャル研究室 「iU mobile」とは
iU mobileとは客員教員がオンライン上にてご自身の専門分野に関する学びを提供する、バーチャル研究室です。各研究室内の学生に向けた情報発信や講義の提供、学生との双方向のコミュニケーション等を実施いたします。



Goocus(グーカス) とはスマートフォンでの学びの在り方の最適解を追求した、モバイルラーニングプラットフォームです。学習者には「学習の継続性の向上」を、管理者には「教育の自動化」を実現することを目指して開発を行っております。


iU launches “iU mobile” a virtual laboratory that connects students with industry pioneers

Proposing a new educational model at university
by connecting iU's visiting lecturers and students with a smartphone

Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation (iU) in Sumida ward, Tokyo
( ") launched “iU mobile,” a virtual laboratory for visiting lecturers, by utilizing “Goocus” a mobile learning platform developed and operated by Castalia Co., Ltd. (head office: Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo).

● What is the "iU mobile" virtual laboratory?
iU mobile is a virtual laboratory where visiting lecturers and professors provide online learning, about
their field of expertise, and disseminate information, provide lectures through an individual laboratory, and conduct two-way communication with students.

iU aims to create new learning opportunities for students to take a step forward, in the virtual laboratory, to accomplish the following goals:

1. Educational outcome:
Create new opportunities, connected to multiple industries, which are not available in traditional universities. This provides students opportunities to advance, lead, and grow.

2. Utilization for continuing education:
This laboratory will be an educational platform for: students, members of society, overseas students, high school students, local residents, etc. It will provide a learning platform for all.

3. Association for visiting lecturers:
Networking opportunities for visiting lecturers in collaboration with laboratory projects.

Goocus ( is a platform that has multiple functions and screens to optimize learning on smartphones during internships; during the school year; and to facilitate communication between teachers and students.

i-U has created a laboratory with approximately 60 visiting lecturers, with plans for visiting lecturers to open their own laboratories.

● About iU Visiting Lecturers
○ Currently, there are 250 visiting lecturers
○ Visiting lectures are faculty members who, regardless of industry, are active global leaders. Lecturers will provide state-of-the-art knowledge and skills and students will significantly grow as a result of positive encounters with lecturers.

In Japan, I-U strives to be a leader in education with a growing list of visiting faculty members and over 200 incoming Freshman students.

● About Castalia
Castalia Co., Ltd. ( is a technology company specializing in educational solutions, develops, and provides learning tools using cutting-edge technology for individuals and organizations to learn effectively in a complex and diverse society. They developed Goocus,
Educhat, and Codepower as well as other innovative educational platforms using advanced



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